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trevor l.Ithaca Common Council members supporting Trevor Loope

Sp/4 Trevor Loope, 22, of Austin, TX served 15 months in Afghan combat with the 3d Brigade, of the 10th Mountain Division. Upon returning to Ft. Drum in 2007 he was unable to obtain adequate treatment for mental health issues. This caused him to leave the base in search of effective treatment. Pvt. S. Trevor L. formerly of Ft. Drum, NY, addressed Ithaca's Common Council requesting the Common Council's active support when he returns to the base to potentially face criminal charges for being AWOL. He is returning with a psychological evaluation prepared by a trauma specialist which concludes that Trevor suffers from a severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a Major Depression. He also has a detailed treatment plan that was prepared by his current therapist in Austin, TX. Citizen Soldier, a GI/veterans rights advocacy organization based in NYC, is supporting Trevor in his struggle to receive an administrative discharge from Ft. Drum. Tod Ensign, a lawyer and Director of Citizen Soldier and co-ordinator of the Different Drummer Cafe in Watertown, accompanied Trevor to Ithaca. He urged Council to extend broad support to war resisters like Trevor consistent with its "Community of Sanctuary" resolution, which was passed by Council on October 1.

View Trevor's statement before the Ithaca Common Council